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I have led an unexpected life. Grew up in the city, but married a cowboy and moved to a remote west Texas ranch. Raised my two amazing children in the country with horses and dogs and cats and wild animals, but at the same time, traveled the country researching crime novels with law enforcement officers of all types.

An independent and unabashed feminist who opposed the Iraq war, I have stayed married for more than 40 years to the same sexy cowboy and sent my son to fight with the Marines in Iraq twice.

Both my kids are strong and independent too, and remain my biggest fans; they are the accomplishment of which I am most proud, even after publishing eleven books. Now I have a beautiful daughter-in-law and two extraordinary grandchildren.

My family is the reason for writing American Woman, a book I call a “collective memoir,” that chronicles the unexpected adventures and struggles of a generation, as seen through the eyes of one woman who lived it. (Available soon.)

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