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Darkroom Cover.jpg

Originally published in 1990, available now for the first time in e-book form!

Skye Meredith was devastated by her husband's fatal accident. But now she was trying to pick up the pieces of her life, to forge a career as a children's photographer. All was going well...until she received a mysterious package in the mail--undeveloped photos of a beautiful young woman, brutally strangled by a psychopathic killer.

Then it happened again. And again.

More disturbing photographs. More horrible murders. And the police began to suspect that Skye was somehow involved. Fearful of every man in her life--even her new lover--Skye never felt more alone, or more terrified.

Because now there is a new roll of photographs in Skye's mailbox.

Photographs of...herself.

Spellbound Cover.jpg

Originally published in 1991, available now for the first time in e-book form!

Twenty years ago, Faith "Dani" Daniels was subjected to the most terrifying ordeal a child can ever know. The painful memories of cruelty and abuse haunted her, tormented her...until finally, as a schoolteacher in a quiet Texas town, Dani rebuilt her life--and escaped her malevolent past.

Now the forgotten terrors of her youth have returned. In a deserted park Dani discovers a woman's body, scarred in a way that only Dani herself can comprehend...marked by the same assailants who shattered her youth. For twenty years, Dani has been on the run from her destiny. But she can stop running now...

They've found her.

Deadline Cover.jpg

Originally published in 1991, available now for the first time in e-book form!

Tess Alexander is a struggling young writer with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. She's been chosen to write a true-crime account of the decade's most sensational murder trial--the shocking case of ex-governor Chandler...accused of the arson-murders of his wife, daughter, and granddaughter.

Whatever the final verdict of the trial, the book is sure to be a best seller. For any other writer, it might be a ticket to fame. But for Tess, it can only be a one-way ticket to hell...

The hell of unveiling horrible secrets. Not about the Chandler family. *About her own tortured childhood...*

Faces of Evil Cover.jpg
Faces of Evil

Every day, Lois Gibson is able to put power, control and a sense of justice back into the hands of violent crime victims of heinous rapes, kidnappings and murders. Gibson, herself the subject of a violent rape, uses her skills to coax from the memories of victims the most intimate details possible and, with the stroke of a pencil, reconstructs the faces of their tormentors. These eerily accurate reproductions have been directly responsible for the capture of over 700 vicious criminals for which her skills are noted in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Faces of Evil is Gibson’s riveting story of how she became the world’s most successful forensic artist, interwoven with her thirteen most suspense-filled cases. Gibson takes you with her inside the gritty atmosphere of forensics, putting you behind the scenes of terrifying enigma after enigma and into the victims’ mindset as they seek vindication. Follow the nine-year-old girl who saw and helps catch her mother’s killer, the pregnant blind woman who identifies and aids in the capture of her rapist and the hero cop whose deathbed description of his attacker leads police to his killer.

This is a fascinating true crime book like no other, mixing chilling crime scenes with the inspiring story of one woman’s passion for justice.

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